Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

I have been doing a lot of new and different things lately and because of it I have started a new blog. I haven't completely abandoned this blog but let's be honest, I have not exactly been working on it. The new blog will combine a lot of musings on vintage things and will also be about my budding love for cooking. I'll still be here too just not nearly as much as before.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Cottages of Galena

It's trolley ride time in Galena, Illinois. Why are we still in Galena you ask? The answer is simple, because I am Rand Friggin' McNally. A thanks goes out to Tri State Tours for offering us a wonderful and exciting tour at a reasonable price. I had a lot of pictures from just this tour alone so you will get to see most of the pretty sights sans heads.

One of the many houses of worship in Galena, overlooking the beautiful town.

Some decently sized homes of Galena.

And some not so decently sized homes of Galena. These were the miner's cottages. We were told that miners preferred them very small as all they needed was a place to eat and sleep.

Above we have a very Chicago inspired home.

Hey, what can I say? I am a sucker for gazebos and in a town like Galena they are all the more charming.

This was one of Galena's many bed and breakfasts in town.

Another typical Galena cottage.

A lovely home with a church in the background.

When I was a little girl I always admired homes with shutters, of course that was when I always admired traditional colonial style homes. I had no clue how much wonders Mid Century Modern would do for me in the distant future. Goodbye to wanting a home with shutters.

Some more great living old homes.

An awesome view from the top of I don't recall what.

Now I have seen homes like this in hilly portions of Staten Island, New York. I love how, in the front, the house appears perfectly normal and you look in back, it's like it just drops off.

Behold the longest stairs in Galena. President Grant walked up these stairs once upon a blue moon.

It's a sleepy town street sloping downward.

A more leveled street.

Many buildings in Galena are made out of limestone, this church is just one example.

A home with Italianate details. Love those columns. I saw many buildings like this in Dubuque, Iowa which I will also most certainly be sharing.

This is the First United Methodist Church of Galena. As I said, Galena loves their churches and we love to look at them.

Feel like climbing the ultimate StairMaster?

It's back on the home front time.

The Galena History Museum certainly is a beaut of a building, ain't she?

Why look! It's yet another fabulous Galena church.

More Galena homes that are on the quaint and historical side.

There go those gosh darn stairs again!

A few more elegant buildings and homes for everyone's viewing pleasure.

I think we are about to turn a corner here.

What a precious view of the Galena River!

Overlooking the other side of town.

A couple of more B&Bs in Galena.

One of my friends actually stayed here at the Snoop Sisters B&B once and judging by their website, it seems to be a nice place. I especially like the background information on the family. I wonder if Doreen was really growing tobacco plants on her head.

A couple of more Galena homes, including some 50s/60s style ranches. The first we have seen of these so far.

One of Galena's interesting cemeteries.

Some more of Galena's very tiny, very teeny cottages.

Ye old Galena General Store.

Here we have the Ulysses S. Grant's Galena home with an interesting story to tell itself.

A statue of Mrs. Grant. According to our tour bus driver, Mrs. Grant reportedly disliked Galena immensely. Ah, there goes Galena, there to repay her "generous" hospitality.

Another one of those drat miner's cottages, so small you can probably put it in your pocket.

Here's something you don't see everyday. No it isn't a Galena ghost of the past, it's not a bird or a plane. It's........

.....The ever elusive, every disappearing mailbox!

A series of really gorgeous homes and B&Bs.

As well as a competing tour trolley.

More homes as well an apartment resembling something you might find in our neck of the woods.

The Galena Town Hall in a not so stellar photo.

Another great town building reminscient of something you might see in Chicago.

More views of the Galena River.

Once the center of town, this was once Galena's main train hub. Presidents came off this stop and stayed for a visit.

Thus, we end out tour here. Next stop is Dubuque, Iowa. Until then, enjoy the ride.